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Stuck in a Social Rut? Join HTXOutdoors—Houston's newest outdoor club for young adults with a zest for adventure!


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We plan epic adventures so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the moment. 

HTXoutdoors is full of diverse, active, outdoor people in their 20s-30s. If you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone and hang with a group who’s into more than the typical happy hour of Netflix binge weekends, then search no further!

You're busy... with work, with friends, bing watching Netflix... We get it! You have enough stress during your week.  

That’s why we make it simple - just pick an event from our calendar, show up and have fun. It's that Easy.  

Camping, hiking, biking, trail running, yoga, kayaking, SUP, wakeboarding, pub crawling, backpacking, overseas trips and more- we do it all and you’re invited.  

Simple is good!  I'm ready for what's next >>

What's Your Reason to Try Something New?

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work hard

Our Members Rave About Their Experiences with HTXoutdoors


Here's What's in Store for 2019

Below are some of the highlights of what we're doing in 2019—so far. We add to our members' experiences throughout the year. 

Local Hiking & Camping

  • Lake Livingston
  • Memorial Park
  • Hermann Park
  • Brazos Bend
  • Huntsville State Park
  • Double Lake
  • Brays Bayou
  • Buffalo Bayou
  • Terry Hershey
  • Lake Houston Wilderness Park
  • Cypress Creek
  • Need Camping Gear? We got it! Members borrow for free!

Travel Beyond Texas


Monthly Events with Our Partners 


Every month, we add these events to the calendar:

  • Wakeboard at Hangar 9
  • Sand Volleyball at Sideout Volleyball
  • Dragon Boating
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Restaurant of the Month!
  • Happy Hour 
  • And More

Who is HTXoutdoors?

We are diverse, young, and looking to meet new people, get outdoors, and experience new adventures.

Our current membership breaks down like this...


Disclaimer: Everyone is welcome: Single, Couples, 2 feet or 4! We don’t care about your Facebook relationship status. However, when you're doing awesome activities with others who also enjoy being active... things just happen!

Our Members Rave About Their Experiences with HTXoutdoors


Meet a few HTXoutdoors Buddies!

Never again will you have to go to events alone (or even stay home instead). We'll give you a buddy!


Barbara (Right) - What's SUP? Literally SUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding. From Puerto Rico, she's social and loves stand up paddleboarding... among other things.


Emely (Middle) - From Columbia, she has lived in Houston for about 8 years. First time ever wakeboarding. At Hangar 9. "I ate it and I loved it!" 


Auhona - Opps - She's taking the picture... but she's next to Barbara above haha - Life long dream to teach yoga came true when she lead Hiking Zen for us. Word traveler, up for anything. She'll introduce you to anyone and everyone. Make it a competition, and she'll introduce you twice. :)


Natacha (in the HTXoutdoors shirt) - Photographer, traveler, agent, and more! If there is something going on, she's likely there! Wanna learn to skate? As in roller skate? She's your girl. She also has the inside scoop on lots of local events.

Enjoy These Perks As Our Newest Member

ACCESS TO ALL HTXOUTDOORS EVENTS: There’s something for everyone—every week! 

DISCOUNTS AROUND TOWN ON ACTIVITIES: Rock climbing, wakeboarding, fitness classes, pedal parties, etc.; As we grow, so does our list.  

FREE LOANER GEAR: You want it - we’ve got it: tents, backpacks, SUP boards, kayaks, rock-climbing harnesses, etc. 

MEMBERSHIP TO ALL OUR SISTER COMPANIES AND THEIR EVENTS: Bayou City Outdoors, San Antonio Outdoors and Hill Country Outdoors 

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Become a member of our private community. Share stories, pictures, events, and get access to Outdoor Resources.

In just the last 3 months; here are the savings you would have received if you did all of these events  

FREE SUP - $217.50 savings We SUP about 14.5 hours in the past 3 months. If you SUPed only 2 hours per month, it would have paid for 3 months of membership.  

Free Tent Loaner - $125+ savings Free Sleeping Bag Loaner - $90+ savings We organized 5 camping trips in the spring. We have all of the gear for the kitchen and teach you everything you need to know about camping. This $215 savings doesn't even take into account the kitchen equipment &&othe&&random items needed for camping.  

Wakeboarding at Hangar 9 - $136 savings This is my favorite thing to do right now. Over 50% off when you go with us and we go at least once a month. Everyone who has tried it, absolutely loves it!! And at this price, you gotta try it at least once!  

Indoor Rock Climbing at TRG - $27.50 savings 20% discount every time you go with us.  

Minimum total savings in just 3 months - $596.00 SAVINGS! You could buy 2.5 annual memberships for that amount of money.  

Risk Free

There is NO Risk in Our All Reward Group. We're not complicated. 

Try us out for 30 days and if it’s not for you, we completely understand. 

We’ll give you a full refund — No ifs ands or buts about it! 

Bonus 1

Bonus 1: HTXoutdoors Guide to Houston 

Everything great about Houston in one guide! Our digitial guide to Houston will have you looking like a Native Houstonian in no time!


Bonus 2: Houston Sips 

A guide to Houston's best coffee stops, wineries and breweries! Complete with location and times of tours... HTXoutdoors brings you a one stop shop for Houston Sips!

Bonus 1

Bonus 3: HTXoutdoors T-Shirt (today only!) 

You'll want the shirt because we do fun contests with the HTXoutdoors logo!


Bonus 4: Pizza Party for New Members 

Meet others like you while eating some of the best pizza in Houston! Start planning which event you're going to first!

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